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What is the staking mechanism for the Adventure Pass?

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We will be using hard staking. When you stake your Adventure Pass, your Adventure Pass will move from your wallet and be stored in the smart contract. You will need to first send an approval transaction so that our smart contract can interact with the Adventure Passes in your wallet. Once you send the approval transaction, you will need to send a staking transaction to complete staking your Adventure Pass.

Note: The number of unique holders will go down when staking opens because one of the holders will be the staking contract.

How do I level up my Adventure Pass with staking?

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When you stake your Adventure Pass, you will have two options:
   1. No Lockup: You can unstake your Adventure Pass at any time.
   2. Lockup: Unstaking is not possible for a designated period of time.

If you choose No Lockup, your Adventure Pass will earn points, but it will not level up.
Here is the lockup leveling structure:
30 Days: +1 Level
60 Days: +3 Levels
100 Days: +7 levels
180 Days: +17 levels
433 Days: +60 levels

If you leave your Adventure Pass staked after the lockup period ends, the staking will continue but you must lock your pass again in order to increase levels.

What happens when my lockup period ends?

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When your lockup period ends, your pass will remain staked.
   1. Lock your pass again in order to continue leveling up. You will be able to lock your pass without having to unstake. You can simply select the pass you want to lock, click the Lock Selected button, select the locking period, and proceed with the transaction to lock your pass. You can lock multiple passes in one transaction, but please be aware that you will only be able to select one lockup period per transaction.
   2. Unstake your Adventure Pass.

When exactly does the level up happen? Will I be at a disadvantage if I stake for longer periods of time?

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The levels are logged even when the Adventure Pass is staked. You will be able to check your most current level status through our staking website. However, the level will only be logged to the metadata of the Adventure Pass when the pass is locked up again during staking OR is unstaked. Even during staking, your pass will be able to claim rewards for your current level.

I hold Adventure Passes in multiple wallets, how do I switch to a different wallet?

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First, disconnect your wallet by clicking on the wallet address on the top right and then the disconnect button. Select the wallet you would like to switch to from the wallet application of choice, then reconnect your wallet.

What happened to my staking points?

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Don't worry!
Please go to the JOURNEY tab to find your staking points converted to leaf points.
Previously, each staked Adventure Pass could earn 1 point per 10 minutes staked. Continue earning leaf points now for each staked Adventure Pass in the JOURNEY tab by claiming Holder Rewards on a weekly basis!